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How to Grow Spiritually with the Enneagram

Would you like to participate with a group of women learning how the Enneagram can guide you through spiritual development? The Enneagram has been around for centuries and is an in-depth personality identification and study. You will not only learn about your personality, you will learn about your “shadow” sides. You will learn how to […]

You Can Live Courageously?

You are a hero whether you know it or not.

Enneagram with cartoons

Single Mom Know Yourself

One of our themes on this blog is Personality Predicaments. You may have read in a previous post, Personality Predicaments Solved that you will begin with an awakening, then the work begins.

Do You Love Everyone?

Most of us don’t try to love everyone because we don’t want to.

Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery

As you discover yourself in a new way on the Enneagram journey, you’ll also find that you are paving the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become.

What gives life meaning? on chalk slate

What Gives Life Meaning?

There is a way, originally called THE WAY, that works.

Our Children Have Unique Personalities-Cherish Each One

Cherish Each Child’s God Given Nature Just because our children come from and are raised by us doesn’t mean they are like us. Consider learning more about your child’s God-given personality. My free online course will help you.

Meeting The Challenges of Single Parenting

A third of American households are now headed by a single parent. While every family experiences difficulty, there are unique challenges to raising a child all by yourself. There’s no one to step in when you’re overwhelmed by your responsibilities, and you bear the burden of decision making alone. But the rewards of parenting can make it […]

How to Know Yourself

So many of life’s troubles could be eliminated if we just recognized that each of us is distinctly different and it is okay. Many of our disappointments,our anger and jealousies could be avoided by understanding personalities.

Who Are You?

“You have forgotten who you are. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become. Remember who you are. Remember. . .”
– Mufasa speaking to Simba