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SMORE for Women, a nonprofit & Mission of Calder Baptist

Calder Baptist, unique among southeast Texas churches, cares for single mothers. Many of the Calder congregation provide financial support that makes SMORE Success possible.

My Super Hero

From Humble Beginnings Super Hero Day April 28, 2022  My Super Hero was born on this day one hundred fourteen years ago. My dad, Clifton M. Cawley, was raised by a mostly-Irish father.  Dad’s father was orphaned when his dad was killed while building the railroad in Del Rio, Texas. Since he was Irish his name […]

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Finding Jesus at Church

From the EastLake Community Church website in Bothell, Washington: It’s probably important to start by making it clear that we’re not the ones who “finally go the Bible right.” Neither do we possess the secret to life, exclusive access to GOD or “Seven Steps to Satisfaction.” We are, however, powerfully drawn to the person of […]


Our focus is on Jesus and his amazing love for all of us, even those “others” we sometimes have trouble with. Let this be your year of renewal.

Jesus Stories to Teach Your Children

Zacchaeus was not liked by the people because he took taxes from the people and kept some for himself. He was a wealthy man. He was also short. And he was curious about Jesus.

We Want Your Sneakers

Give Us Your Sneakers We are conducting a fund raiser and we want you sneakers. JUST sneakers, no other shoes, please. They will be recycled and we will receive a few dollars for each good pair. You may drop them off at any of the following locations – REMAX/ONE at 8245 Gladys in Beaumont Bravados […]

Moms Working From Home

Your Guide to Creating a Small Business as a Stay-at-Home Parent Raising children is a full-time job and many families elect to have a parent stay at home to take care of their kids rather than relying on daycare or similar programs. However, this can mean giving up an income. Plus, many stay-at-home parents still […]

God Loves

God Loves Everyone, No Exceptions It is not easy. Well it is not easy for me to love everyone.If I’m honest I cannot say I want the very best for everyone. I think I want justice and that means some people will be “getting what they deserve.” That is not what Jesus taught, however. We […]

Do You Want to Boycott Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day for Single Moms When I was a single mom, Valentine’s Day seemed designed to make me feel alone and lonely. I hope you do not have that experience. You can avoid it but it may be a challenge. Here are a few ideas:Plan ahead – Do not let the Day blindsight you. Have […]

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How to Deal with Difficult People

The more problematic is what to do about people who have caused you pain, physically or emotionally. These people may be risky for you to associate with. You have to decide whether or not to allow the person into your personal circle.