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Girl looking at herself in handheld mirror

Are You Authentic?

Do You Know Who You Are?

How Do You Handle Acceptance?

Are You Able to Surrender?

Do You Have an Ordered Life?

Women Need Healthy Boundaries

Women & Boundaries

S’More Friends

If you are a single mom, have ever been, or have a heart for single mothers – join us.

Family sharing at dinner

Meal Time is Important

Family Meals Make for Healthy Relationships

I’ve Hit a Bump in the Road

An Unexpected Trip That scripture is from Philippians 4:8

Teach Children to Love

Children Learn from Us This is probably the greatest lesson you can teach your children.

Are You an Optimist?

Faith Requires Optimism Radio spot as aired on KLBT 88.1 FM

Teach Children Compassion

Do your part to stop the bullying.