Ways to Refresh Your Beliefs Do you yearn, as I do, for the just-right spiritual path that will give you the meaningful life you desire? Perhaps like so many of us you have “realized that religion too often shrinks, starves, cages, and freezes aliveness rather than fostering it.”(McLaren) You want to live life with aliveness. Introduction: Seeking AlivenessWhat […]

Image via Pexels Guest Column How School Can Equip Single Moms for Business Success Being a stay-at-home mom isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you’re single. Although you get to experience the joy of spending every day with your child, you have to juggle the dual responsibility of homemaker and breadwinner, and sometimes the pressure […]

Women in the Pulpit Guest Column When women become pastors, they serve as great role models for young girls in the church. Not only can the girls realize that one day they can also become pastors, but they can also see a future where no job is outside the realm of possibility, whether they aspire […]

Calder Baptist, unique among southeast Texas churches, cares for single mothers. Many of the Calder congregation provide financial support that makes SMORE Success possible.

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It is important that you not only commit to your spiritual life and growth.

From Humble Beginnings Super Hero Day April 28, 2022  My Super Hero was born on this day one hundred fourteen years ago. My dad, Clifton M. Cawley, was raised by a mostly-Irish father.  Dad’s father was orphaned when his dad was killed while building the railroad in Del Rio, Texas. Since he was Irish his name […]

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From the EastLake Community Church website in Bothell, Washington: It’s probably important to start by making it clear that we’re not the ones who “finally go the Bible right.” Neither do we possess the secret to life, exclusive access to GOD or “Seven Steps to Satisfaction.” We are, however, powerfully drawn to the person of […]

Our focus is on Jesus and his amazing love for all of us, even those “others” we sometimes have trouble with. Let this be your year of renewal.

Zacchaeus was not liked by the people because he took taxes from the people and kept some for himself. He was a wealthy man. He was also short. And he was curious about Jesus.

At one-point JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, was jobless, divorced, penniless, and had  a dependent child. She suffered through bouts of depression, eventually signing up for government-assisted welfare.