A mother’s influence is significant. Ben Carson is one example. 

As the years have gone (or flown) by I’ve learned a few lessons. The main one is I’m not the one in charge. It is only when I release that I am able to embrace life.

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Car Maintenance Tips
If your car overheats (steam from under hood or gauge shows hot) do NOT continue to drive it. Do NOT remove radiator cap! Do NOT add cold water while still hot.

When I decided to teach Boundaries in our Sunday class at Calder Baptist Church I thought we would cover the material in a few months. A year and a half later we were still on the subject. I’ve found that women, especially divorced and single mothers, have serious issues with boundaries.

SMORE is hosting a BINGO Event-November 15th at Rockin A Cafe.

Living Learning Loving book

It’s not easy to explain my need for solitude.

So often I hear stories from single mothers of how a family member has caused them grief. In some cases the results are devastating. Others linger on for years with little or no resolution. It is the old and growing older problem of breeched boundaries.

SMORE is hosting a BINGO Event-November 15th at Rockin A Cafe.