The symbolism is powerful. That a mighty oak grows from an acorn, that medicine comes from plants, and that our buildings are made from trees all intrigues me.

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You choose – your words, thoughts, and actions. 

I’ve been painting pots and collecting other interesting containers for plants. Then I sell them on Facebook Marketplace to other plant lovers in my area of southeast Texas.

A habit of gratitude is a terrific one to teach your children.

There are millions of beautiful impressions, and they are all for you. There are enough to make you a supremely happy man or woman.

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As a mother, I still feel the very same tug at my heartstrings for my children as I did when they were younger. In some ways, I feel that as a single mother my children were shortchanged.

Some of us tend to wear rose-colored glasses when viewing men. We see the potential, not the reality. If the guy appears to have qualities we are looking for, we may assume he is everything we are looking for.

Bridges of Hope Educational Support Program (an initiative of The Community Coalition) will make it possible for Jackie to complete her degree.

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None of us gets through life without challenges and more often than anyone wants, real trials. Without ethics and morals, we have no guiding principle.  

Detachment never takes away anything beneficial; only the harmful. – Vernon Howard