Posted radio spots from the Tough Old Bird with a Soft Spot for Single Moms

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And new doesn’t always look perfect.

I’ve combined my passions-plants, art, and single mothers. All profits go to Bridges of Hope  Educational Support Program for Single Mothers.

As a Life Coach, my aim is to guide – not dictate. I point you to your choices on the path ahead. I am not a Spiritual Director. I can only give you bits of guidance for your situation.

Your spiritual life and your physical life may be in conflict as mine was. I think that the goal of spiritual growth is to bring them into complete coordination with each other. Freedom comes to life when you are authentic in all ways.

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Telling the truth is one of the Big Ten because it simply makes our lives better.

There’s no magic armor to carry through the jungle, but we can arm our children with truth.

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When a woman reaches a certain level of insight, she takes an entirely different view of her unhappiness.

 We only know our own family culture. It is our normal. When we grow up and establish another home, we can run into trouble.

Our primary purpose in Coaching sessions is to equip you with goals and help you to carry them through.