Life Coaching Changes Lives Testimonial by Kay “I met Gail at a pivotal time in my life. I was a newly divorced single mom of 2 boys and when I heard her speak at a ladies conference, I identified with her immediately. We began a friendship that has turned out to be one of the […]

Intro to online course “Are Your Boundaries Protecting You?”

It is bound to happen. We find ourself off the track. We’ve lost our bearings and are unsure which way is up.

ABC’s -K for Knowledge As published in the Beaumont Enterprise September 13, 2020 Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. – Kofi Annan             Knowledge is information, understanding of a subject, facts and skills that will improve a person’s life. You cannot possess wisdom without […]

I had a sad dream last night. My children were young and it was the first day of school.

On this day 2001 we didn’t know if or how we could recover. Together we managed even with adapted travel procedures at our airports. Now we are in the midst of a pandemic, something none of us have lived through before.

I understand that college students are seven times less likely to graduate if they don’t have a support system. SMORE for Women aims to offer the support that single mothers need to finish a college degree. Just as the roots of this tree are holding it up, keeping it from falling. They have a adapted […]

Alice in Wonderland thinking

Divorce Can Cause Identity Crisis Caterpillar asks, “Who are YOU?” to which Alice replies she no longer really knows anymore, after all the recent changes.     –  Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll  If you’ve had trouble with self identity after a long-term marriage or significant relationship, personality profiling can help. As a personality specialist I […]

Humility We are all put-off by arrogance. Arrogance that is the opposite of humility. We expect our leaders to know it all but not to be a “Know It All.” We like to know the answers. There are those who have what is called “spiritual certainty.” Humility misses the point somehow. We even consider it […]

Money Matters SMORE Card Deck

From Dave Ramsey: Career woman. The kids’ taxi driver. Master of the budget. Grocery shopper, chef, and cleaner-upper. Single moms carry these titles and more day in and day out. Talk about busy schedules filled with meaningful responsibilities! Over the years, we’ve had a countless number of single moms call and write in with questions […]