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Taking a Pause

I am taking a pause for the month of December and into 2023. In 2023 my emphasis will be on Raising Compassionate Children. I will include radio spots as well as blog posts and tidbits from my revised book, Living Learning Loving, Insights and Encouragement on the Path of Motherhood. Stay tuned. See you next […]

Christ Elf in Green with red trimming

How A Christmas (Single Mom) Elf Finds the Real Joy of Christmas

“Joy to the World” was playing on the car radio, but I did not feel any joy in my world. It was five days before Christmas – the first Christmas since my divorce and the first one I would spend without my children.

What is Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

One of my favorites from years past.

ABC’s of Wisdom

GUEST COLUMNIST as it appeared in The Beaumont Enterprise November 13, 2022 All of us — especially women — need less violence in our lives Gail Showalter In 1966, the year I graduated from high school, Otis Redding came out with his version of “Try a Little Tenderness.” That age-old song had an ageless message […]

Is Your Life a Calling?

You Have Power to Make an Impact

Are You Perfect?

God Uses the Imperfect

Are You Determined?

Expect Resistance

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Having a Bad Day?

A No Good, Very Bad Day

Single Moms’ Struggles

You Can Do This!

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Single Moms Have Courage

Single Mothers Are Amazing