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How to Improve Mental Impressions

There are millions of beautiful impressions, and they are all for you. There are enough to make you a supremely happy man or woman.

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Take Care of Yourself

There is one habit I’d like to see women, especially single moms, change. I wish more moms would take better care of themselves.

Single Mom Questions-Answered by a Tough Old Bird

Gail Cawley Showalter This is the first of our second Thursday Q&A posts. A single mom who is a nutrition specialist, asked, “What does health mean to you?” For me health is more than physical. It is also mental, emotional and spiritual. So health requires lots of balanced beyond a balanced diet. Physical-I recently started […]

Single Moms: Grief has stages

  Grief has stages. It’s best not to be stuck on a stage when the curtain closes. ~ Have I been in a stage of grief too long? Perhaps I will move to the next act. I spent lots and lots of time on stage in my younger years. Many rehearsals preceded the performance. And […]