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How to Know Yourself

When I Coach a woman the first step is to evaluate her life circumstances.

Can You Surrender?

As a follower of The Christ, I know surrender is the answer to many of my earthly dilemmas.

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How to Have Peace

So many of us lack the patience to wait for God. We lack contemplation.
Myss writes in Entering the Castle, “Contemplation . . . nourishes your soul. It stimulates your relationship with the divine.”

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Spiritual Health is Birthed in Your Dungeon

Entering your Castle is “embarking on a life’s journey that will transform you and your relationship with God and the world.” This is serious spiritual work. You’ve likely asked yourself, “What is my purpose for being here? or “What am I meant to do? I know I have.


I am infatuated – by growth. A seed placed in dirt and manure can become a vegetable. An acorn becomes an oak tree. A seed sprouts into a flower. I adore people who embrace personal growth. I live for the moments when I learn something that – Could make me a better person, I could […]