I am infatuated – by growth.

A seed placed in dirt and manure can become a vegetable.

An acorn becomes an oak tree.

A seed sprouts into a flower.

close up of sprout

I adore people who embrace personal growth.

I live for the moments when I learn something that –

  • Could make me a better person,
  • I could do to make the world a better place. or
  • I could share with others to make their lives better.

While I adore people who are teachable, I can’t relate to those who resist instruction that could grow them into a complete well developed person. What good is an excuse for not growing? I agree with Sherita Titus, one of the SMORE moms, who motivates others to kick the “but” habit. For more about Sherita CLICK

Guess I agree with Socrates too, when he said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

From Karl W. Palachuk

I’m sure you’ve read this quote before: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates said that at his trial for heresy. He was on trial for encouraging his students to challenge the accepted beliefs of the time and think for themselves. The sentence was death but Socrates had the option of suggesting an alternative punishment. He could have chosen life in prison or exile, and would likely have avoided death.

But Socrates believed that these alternatives would rob him of the only thing that made life useful: Examining the world around him and discussing how to make the world a better place FOR MORE

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