Are You Protecting or Preparing Your Child?

Mother confronting child

Are You a Protector or Preparer?

Letting your children go-especially to school for the very first time, and another especially plus if you are a single mom-can be like ripping your heart out. We tend to think we are their protector for life instead of their preparer for life. We think we have the power to stand between them and whatever bad things are out there. When all doesn’t go well for them we blame ourselves as if we had control over life’s events.

Let me share a passage from Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss in which she uses the beloved and revered writings from The Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila.

                “We are always imagining that we have more power and authority over our  lives than we  do. We are deluded. We are in control of nothing whatsoever; not the weather, not the government, . . . How can we possibly think that we can control or maneuver around the cosmic force of the divine?”

This time of year many moms have trouble releasing and trusting others to care for their chldren. Still other moms continue to blame themselves for every bad thing that has happened in the lives of their adult children. As much as you want to protect your child from this world-you can’t. There are many ways you can teach them how to live in the world, however. I hope you continue to find some of them in this blog.



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