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29496883 - acceptance word on a 3d blue puzzle piece and a hole with the word peace to illustrate the inner satisfaction and harmony you feel by admitting or accepting a shortcoming or fault

Power in Acceptance

Some of us humans have very little trouble accepting others and their actions, even idiosyncrasies.  Some of us, however, have great difficulty accepting, even tolerating others. Wonder why?

Of course, I think it is our personal natures-our personalities- that must be factored in when looking at why we can’t accept others just as they are. The Powerful Choleric personality has the greatest problem in this area. It is not uncommon for them to seethe under the surface when others aren’t doing things their way. It’s also hard for them to give in when another directs them or takes up their time. Powerfuls are notorious for not wanting to be interrupted. They also have a reputation for being bossy and offensive. Yet—they can be great leaders.

The other personalities may not like what another does; they just have different ways of dealing with it. The Perfect Melancholy, for example, may pout or stop talking to the other party. The Peaceful Phlegmatic will likely retreat and ignore requests for action by another. And the Popular Sanguine will probably give-in so everyone is happy, even though she doesn’t like the situation.

We know as Christians that our Lord accepts us where and as we are. If Our Father accepts us why can’t we accept others?

Think of those you live with, think of your children, think of your ex, think of your parents, think of your co-workers. Can you honestly say you accept each just as they are? You don’t want them to change anything they do? You can live or work with them and not get annoyed by their actions or lack of action?

This is a really hard call for many of us. Age and many years of life lived teaches us or molds us to be more understanding and accepting. What may not have occurred to us is that when we do accept another we gain power. Not power over another, power over our own natures. We become more self-aware.

Demonstrating acceptance towards another gives peace where dissention and strife creates terrible memories. The accepted person recognizes the grace in it and senses—love.

So, can you accept another just as she/he is?

Note: Please understand that I am not suggesting unacceptable actions in relationships be accepted.

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