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Boundaries Do Not Limit

As a Life Coach I always address boundary setting because I’ve seen how weak or no boundaries affect women and their relationships.

Is Your Life a Facade?

Does everything appear lovely on the outside of your life? All is in order? You seems to others to have everything under control? But under it all you feel uneasy, stuck or even trapped?

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How Healthy Boundaries Grow Healthy Kids

As a “mature” woman now I can tell you that you are raising children to be adults in the very near future.

Boundaries 101

The Very First Boundary As I begin this series on boundaries I must begin at the beginning. You may not have considered your skin as a boundary. And yet it is. It’s your very first boundary. Your skin, your largest organ, holds all of your organs together. And it protects you in many ways. It’s […]

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Why Do I Need Boundaries?

Boundaries Are Not Walls Listen to Gail’s words about boundaries. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you are putting up walls. Separations can be beautiful. Related posts: 5 Points on Boundaries, Christian Women May Have Trouble Setting Boundaries, and Healthy Boundaries Set You Free Gail holds a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from […]