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How Healthy Boundaries Grow Healthy Kids

As a “mature” woman now I can tell you that you are raising children to be adults in the very near future.

Boundaries 101

The Very First Boundary As I begin this series on boundaries I must begin at the beginning. You may not have considered your skin as a boundary. And yet it is. It’s your very first boundary. Your skin, your largest organ, holds all of your organs together. And it protects you in many ways. It’s […]

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Why Do I Need Boundaries?

Boundaries Are Not Walls Listen to Gail’s words about boundaries. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you are putting up walls. Separations can be beautiful. Related posts: 5 Points on Boundaries, Christian Women May Have Trouble Setting Boundaries, and Healthy Boundaries Set You Free Gail holds a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from […]