Do You Let Others Think for Themselves?

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Think For Yourself

Taken from Courage to Change published by Al-Anon Family Group

Maybe we need many points of view in order to understand life more fully after all, no one person’s view is totally complete. So when my partner, my child, my employer, or friend takes a position unlike my own, I have a choice. I can assume that one of us is wrong and defend myself, or I can be grateful for the chance to see that there are countless ways of looking at life. An abundance of wisdom is available if I keep an open mind.

I try to practice this attitude when my loved one and I discuss anything, even TV. We often perceive a TV show so differently that it’s hard to believe we’ve been watching the same station! I used to take these disagreements personally. One of us had to be wrong, and my position had to be accepted! Today I don’t think there’s anything personal about a difference of opinion. If you think the sea is blue and I think it’s green, I don’t have to spend all day trying to convince you. The 12-step program helps me believe in myself and respect that other people are entitled to do the same.

I don’t have to invalidate anyone else’s views in order to validate my own. It’s all right to disagree. Today I will respect someone’s right to think differently.

“Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too.” – Voltaire

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