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ABCs of Wisdom A-AlAnon 12 Step Program

So much of my life is influenced by what I’ve learned from the 12-step program of AlAnon Family Groups.

Single mom with her son and daughter by her side

12 Steps for Single Moms

12 Steps Adapted for Single Moms Gail Cawley Showalter I admit that I do not have control over the difficult people in my life and I cannot manage all my responsibilities alone. My life has become crazy, out of control. I do believe that a Power greater than myself can and will bring clarity out […]

Do You Let Others Think for Themselves?

Think For Yourself Taken from Courage to Change published by Al-Anon Family Group Maybe we need many points of view in order to understand life more fully after all, no one person’s view is totally complete. So when my partner, my child, my employer, or friend takes a position unlike my own, I have a […]