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Is Your Decision-Maker Broken?

It had been lots of years, it’s true, but as we drove through the town I remembered still-trying to make one of several life altering decisions. Did I want to move and take a job here? I’d come to look into a possible job at a University. I drove -four hours from home – with my […]

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How to Transition from Dysfunction to Harmony

Turn Your Life Around at Buckner Family Transitional Facilities Texas has an answer for single moms who need to turn their lives around. You can spend two years in one of the Buckner Family Transition programs and reboot your life. Here are links to the programs: Amarillo, Texas – Family Place Conroe, Texas – Family […]

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Resources for Single Mom in Southeast Texas

Resource Page on SMORE Site I hope you will visit our resource page. It is loaded with agencies and information for people in southeast Texas. The site includes: Community resources Workforce Solutions Counseling Disability Assistance Domestic Violence Hotline GED Testing Center Housing Education Options Emergency Shelter Emergency Food Assistance Financial Aid for College We try […]

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Need a Job? Be Bold

BE BOLD from Gail’s upcoming E-book Gail Cawley Showalter We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. . . we must do that which we think we cannot.    –  Eleanor Roosevelt     Landing a job requires a level of confidence that […]

Single yet Not Alone on the Path

An old parable tells of a man lost deep in the forest when he suddenly meets another traveler. Now I will find my way out with this other traveler he thinks. “Tell me, sir, which way out of the forest?” he asks. The stranger replies, “Friend, I do not know. I too need to find the way. […]

Career Advice & Money Saving Tips for Newly Single Moms

Parenting: it’s the hardest job of all, yet it doesn’t include a paycheck. And as a single mom, you’re likely facing even more energy-sapping challenges. Whatever the reason for your newly single parent status, adjusting can be difficult. You’re responsible for balancing the emotional and financial needs of your family — while loving and teaching your […]

Work at Home Opportunities for Single Moms-4 Top Small Business to Start

By Joshua See The number of single moms in the country alone, continue to rise on a daily basis. This is because there are a number of relationships that keep on failing. While this can bring an end to an unhealthy relationship, it is also the start of a lifelong struggle for a single mother. […]