Resources for Single Mom in Southeast Texas

"What's Your Plan?" in colored chalk on black board

Resource Page on SMORE Site

I hope you will visit our resource page. It is loaded with agencies and information for people in southeast Texas. The site includes:

  • Community resources
  • Workforce Solutions
  • Counseling
  • Disability Assistance
  • Domestic Violence Hotline
  • GED Testing Center
  • Housing
  • Education Options
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Emergency Food Assistance
  • Financial Aid for College

We try to keep all links active. If you notice any that are not active or current please do let us know.


What ever your situation you need a plan. If Plan A doesn’t work go directly to Plan B. So you need two plans. There are resources available to you. Learn about them. Create a life for yourself and your children that you can be proud of.

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