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Single Moms – Bonding and Boundaries

Mothering Adult Children Motherhood never ends. It goes through stages. Each stage has its joys and its difficulties. Now that my children are grown and married you’d think I could more easily cut the apron strings. My kiddoes are doing quite well on their own as they are raising and starting families. It’s me who misses […]

personality predicaments and the four colors in puzzle pieces

Personality Predicaments Online Course for Parents

I’ve created an online course, “Become the Parent Your Child Needs, Using Personalities to Have Harmony in Your Home.”

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Is My Child Too Self Centered?

Are You Overcompensating & Raising a Narcissist? Article by Gail Showalter in Single Matters online magazine Mothers love their children above all else. They can, however, confuse love with an adoration that borders on worship. Some parents get carried away and put their kids on a pedestal. Read more. . .

2 Tips to Identify Dysfunction in Your Family

Identify Dysfunction If you are on a mobile device click title, “2 Tips to Identify Dysfunction in Your Family” above. Gail holds a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from the University of Texas. She married Sam after raising three children as a single mother. She was an educator in regular and […]

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4 Ways to Prepare for a Trip Through Change as Single Mom

Storm of Adolescence Approaches I recently met with a mother of young children whose husband has left. He has a girlfriend and has filed for divorce. Her heart and life are ripped to shreds. She is looking directly into a deep and rugged path through a long valley. If you are in such a place, […]

Parents-Choose Your Battles

Gail Cawley Showalter My precious little granddaughter was going to be a fashion plate at daycare today. That is until she dug the green rubber boots out of the back corner of her closet. I grabbed her regular shoes and slipped them into the bag going to daycare. Never raised an eyebrow. What difference would […]

How to Help Your Children Develop Compassion

How to Help Your Children Develop Compassion Raising children in today’s world is a challenge, especially when it comes to instilling a sense of compassion in a world that seems increasingly apathetic. Helping your kids learn the importance of helping and feeling genuine sympathy for others isn’t such a complex proposition, though, it’s only one […]

Teaching Kids Manners is Daily Process Adults Must Demonstrate

“Please” and “Thank You” are just the beginning Gail Cawley Showalter Our three year old granddaughter was consuming orange slices from the drink bar at Fuzzy Taco’s while we waited for our order. After she sucked all the juice from her last slice, she turned to her mom and said, “Go get me more oranges!” […]

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Humor for Single Moms Who Need a Chuckle

Murphy’s Law for Mothers from Raising Arrows If you wear black, they will have a runny nose. If you wear white, they will have muddy hands. If you change their diaper, they will immediately poop in the new one. If you mop the floor, they will spill something. If you put on fresh socks, you […]

Program for Single Moms-Gail talks about “Making Right Choices”

Making Decisions as a single mom is often the hardest part of the job. Single Moms, I know how difficult it can be. I was a single mother of three for sixteen years. Now I’m a tough ole bird with a soft spot for single moms. You truly do have the toughest job on earth. […]