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Are You Angry Enough?

Today I can get angry when I hear of a child’s father not supplying school clothes, winter coats or shoes and yet he manages to have a boat and fishing trips and somehow evades the Attorney General’s decree to pay child support. This makes me angry.

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How to Leave Your Past Behind and Start a New Life and Future

  Buckner Family Place Buckner Children and Family Services,Inc. Are you a single mom who needs a skill, an education, a college degree? Buckner offers you a way. The Buckner Family Place model devotes itself to protecting children, promoting independence and building strong families through Christ-centered values. Since 1997, Family Place programs have served more than 550 single […]

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Set Boundaries and Teach Children Early

Boundaries Keep Us Safe We all have personal space, we know instinctively when it has been breached. Do you respect your self? You are worth it! We live in a world with strange boundaries. We have privacy fences around our back yards. We become “friends” with people we wouldn’t recognize if we met them face-to-face. […]