Graduation Time Again-Would You Like to Receive a Diploma?


Female graduate in blue cap and gown holding chalkboard that says, I made it!

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You Can Graduate Again

It’s that time of year again. Students are finishing a degree after many long years of study and hard, very hard work. Single mothers who return to school, whether for a four year or two year degree or another certification have made more than the customary sacrifices to accomplish this. Congratulations are in order.

Over the last several years I’ve observed as some single moms I know have made it through. They haven’t had it easy. In fact it has been beyond what most would even consider doing. They persevered. And in each case they  increased their income and improved their lifestyles. It was a challenge worth pursuing.

I hope you will give it some thought. Read the related posts above, lay down some points on paper and dream a little. Every great project began with just such a thought. Yours is no different.

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