Laughter Is Good for the Soul

Two children laughing with mom on ground

Laurie Harris

The best part about going to a kid’s movie with your children is the laughter. What fun, being sandwiched in between a couple of your favorite kiddos and the uncontrolled giggle that comes because something is so very funny. It reaches to the very core of me.  In addition is the laughter reaching much further into the audience….by children reacting to the magic of the movie…their giggles reflecting a sense of happy innocence…and then there are the friends, parents or other relationships…laughing right along with them.  It is that wave of humor that rushes forward in delight and then rolls back in satisfied joy.  That is where I receive the true measure of its treasure…a movie shared moment…as my ears are tuned in and alerted to….a mom leaning in and saying, “did you see that”, the connecting eye contact and snicker of a shared joke, the jabbering afterwards of all the funnies, the chirping hee, hee, the boisterous howl, a chuckle and snicker.  So many ways to share in it…so much to receive in the sharing…just plain good for the soul…laughter… and laughter with kids…well it is just the best!


  1. truly laughter and smiles are contagious!
    pass one on….

  2. Emily Wickler · · Reply

    Laughter with my girl IS the best of times!! Sometimes watching a movie or show; or other times. The older she gets hoping to keep that laughter and closeness…

    1. Those are the best of times!

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