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How to Set Priorities

Have you set priorities in your life? We have more choices today than women did when my mother was young, for example. When I was in college young ladies generally majored in nursing, teaching, or something in the secretarial field. Now we have so many choices it can be confusing. The definition of a priority […]

Not Enough Time to Do It All?

I Need Counseling But Don’t Have Time I received this awesome article from Linda Newton lindanewtonspeak.com and I wanted to share it with you. This is a common lament from folks who take care of everyone else and fail to put themselves on the list! Perhaps it’s your turn for some TLC. By: Christine Hammond […]


SMORE Class February 26, 2012 “The most important thing in life is knowing the most important thing in life.” -David F. Jakielo Single mothers go to great lengths to provide for and protect their children often forgetting that if they aren’t healthy and strong their children will suffer as a result. Is taking care of […]