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Piggy Bank with dollars sticking out

Money Matters All Year

All the wise people I know have financial sense. They understand how to manage money. They understand how to add and subtract. You cannot subtract more than you add to your bank account. Spending more money than you have is not acceptable. Money is simple. It is a commodity of exchange we receive for our time, our skill. So why do so many have so little financial sense?

Piggy Bank with dollars sticking out

7 Steps for Managing Money as Single Mother

Of all the troubles the single moms I coach have, money tops the list. I’ve read that 90% of single moms in the U.S. are on welfare. Single mothers are more likely than any other group to fall into poverty. Well over 33% already have. Depressing, huh?

The Twelve Financial Pitfalls of Divorce

One of the eight SMORE themes is Money Matters. This post includes some specifics about money and divorce. By Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP An excerpt from the seminar “Second Saturday: What Women Need to Know About Divorce” Each year, nearly 2.8 million men and women go through the emotional and financial trauma of divorce. During […]