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Fun Adds Spice to Life

LLL Chapter 9 Fun Gives Flavor to Life Living Learning Loving By Gail Cawley Showalter #GShowalter_livinglearningloving Gail raised three children as a single mother before she remarried. She has experienced the potholes, pests, and perils of being the single head-of-household. As an educator in regular and special education for twenty years she knows a great […]

Two children laughing with mom on ground

4 Ways to Create a Happy Home

  A Bite of Soul Food from a Tough Bird with a Soft Spot for Single Moms Listen to a brief message from Gail about ways to enjoy life. Related posts: Bonding with Family Fun & Lots of Ideas for Fun with Kids Gail holds a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from the University […]

Doing something simple outdoors

Doing something simple outdoors with a child is refreshing. ~ Why not have a picnic, go for a walk, or play catch? Related Post: Libraries Are Filled. . .  Contact Gail

Libraries are filled. . .

Libraries are filled with potential fun! ~ Why not get my kids a library card? They deserve it. Summer time is a great time to introduce children to public libraries. Many have much more than books these days. Some have special summer reading programs. All for FREE! Related Post: Laughter is Healthy Contact Gail For more […]