We Are Not God or Even gods

In Over Our Heads

Inspired by We Make the Road by Walking by Brian D. McLaren
Chapter Five

Scripture references include Genesis 4:1-17; 6:5-8; 7:1-5; 8: 1: 9:7-17, Psalm 51 and James 4:1-8

Do you see the progression in the illustration of the Biblical messages above? I like to look at the whole picture. I recall when going through the Picture Bible at bed time each night with my children it was easy to see the whole picture. The stories were in chronological order and condensed, of course. After reading the stories of the Israelites in the wilderness, one night my son said very emphatically, “My goodness, why don’t these people just get it?”

Human nature is not always pretty as you can see from the stories starting with the choice of Adam and Eve, and on to Cain and Abel, then Noah and the tower of Babel. Today we still behave as others did all those centuries ago.

Jesus gave us The Way. It has been a very long time since he walked this earth and I often wonder if we will ever truly ‘Get It.’ How different our world, and yes, our churches, would be if we did.

1. Do you often feel like you are in over your head?
2. Has competition become an integral part of your thinking?
3. Ask in prayer, “What desire to acquire may be driving me into trouble?”

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