How to Approach Your Own Spiritual Reorientation

How We Make the Road by Walking

Inspired by book of the same name by Brian D. McLaren
Chapter One

Do you yearn, as I do, for the just right spiritual path that will give you the meaningful life you desire? Perhaps like so many of us you have “realized that religion too often shrinks, starves, cages, and freezes aliveness rather than fostering it.”(McLaren) You want to live life with aliveness. Somewhere along our spiritual journey we begin to ask questions that may make our fellow church-goers feel uneasy. I would like it very much if we could develop a learning circle of people of different religious/faith backgrounds. This isn’t a place for arguments, but rather a place for open and honest discussion-no judgements.

This post is the first I will write in a series inspired by McLaren’s book. I hope you will follow along each week as I share my thoughts on this challenging subject.

And the first step on this path is awe and wonder. This week take a little or a lot of time to appreciate our world. It is awesome! Whether you are looking at a bud opening or watching a colorful sunset you know these are magnificent miracles that we are privileged to enjoy. It just so happens that many of us are coping with severe cold weather. I look out and see leaves wilting from the ice that has accumulated. I see birds scurrying about for a morsel. I don’t have running water because so many pipes have frozen throughout the district water systems. All of this and yet I have faith the sun will shine again. The skies will clear and life will return to the wilted vines. Water will flow into our modern homes. As we experience the quiet in our homes while we stay off the slick roads we may even have time to cherish the mid-winter hours of time to engage with our Creator.

Here are a few ways McLaren suggests that we “engage:”
1. What is the most beautiful place you have ever seen? What was so special about it?
2. Activate: This week, choose one facet of creation that you love–birds, trees, weather, soil, water, light, children, sex, aging, sleep. Observe it, think about it, learn about it every chance you can, with this question in mind: if that element of creation were your only Bible, what would it tell you about God?
3. Meditate: Observe a few moments of silence. Let a silent prayer of gratitude arise from within you.

Please share your thoughts. Since we can’t meet in person we can start a dialogue here on this most challenging topic.

I hold a degree from Lamar University in Speech and a Master’s from the University of Texas. I was an educator in regular and special education for twenty years, finishing my professional career as a Braille teacher. I am a Certified Professional Coach with Fowler International Academy. I married Sam after raising three children as a single mother. In 2007 I founded SMORE for Women. SMORE is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit whose goal is Single Moms, Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, & Empowered. My stories have been published in several books and magazines. My book, Living Learning Loving, Insights and Encouragement on the Path of Motherhood is available for purchase on Amazon

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