Courage for Single Moms on 9-11

Statue of Liberty with Twin Towers in background

Photo Taken by Sam Showalter four weeks before 9-11



This entry is in honor of single mothers everywhere inspired by the single mothers who attend the SMORE Class at Calder Baptist, Beaumont, Texas.


I didn’t know any victims of 9-11 personally. I met someone months later and she told me of working with Todd Beamer’s sister, who helped established the Todd Beamer Foundation which helps children who lost parents on 9/11.

Single mothers seldom have enough money left at the end of the month to make a donation to anything. However, I suggest a donation, of courage to carry on Todd Beamer’s famous words, “Let’s Roll.” The term means to move, start an activity, attack, mission, or project. In the United States it has come to symbolize heroism, self-sacrifice and initiative.

Single moms this is for you.

When you don’t think you can face another morning, say it:

Let’s Roll -out of bed, wash my face, and take on the day.

When a kid doesn’t want to get up and face his day, teach him to say it:

Let’s Roll,  you can do it!

When you don’t have the confidence to face another job interview, say it:

Let’s Roll into a courageous approach.

When you aren’t in the mood for another AA meeting, say it:

Let’s Roll into the car, turn the ignition and go.”

When you think I can’t complete another assignment for that professor, say it:

Let’s Roll out the books, pen, paper, computer and begin.

When you wonder why some hurtful circumstances never change, say it:

Let’s Roll onward and redirect my own choices.

When you aren’t sure which way to go next, say it:

            Let’s Roll in the direction my Spirit leads.

When you have lost the will to go on, say it:

Let’s Roll towards a tomorrow that holds hope.

When you think forgiveness is beyond your capabilities, say it:

Let’s Roll towards a tomorrow filled with My Courage and God’s Grace.

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