The Walk that Brings You Closer to Him

hand holding tree in midst of lightning

Life Has Some Dark Nights

As I sit in a windowsill that is way too small to sit in, here in the emergency room we occupy, I am watching a storm raging outside. Flashes of beauty, drops of tears, rumbles of anger all close and far away. Yet, I am protected from this storm for the moment or so it seems. It is well with my soul. I am content where God has placed me, but I haven’t always been. I have been known to fight the path he has placed before me wanting my own selfish way, thinking I knew what was best. I don’t know why he asks me to walk the roads I have walked in life. Many were because of the sins of others some just paths that needed to be walked. In the end when I have stopped fighting and started asking what He had to teach me about myself it has been much more pleasant and fulfilling. Sometimes the lessons are sweet and sometimes they stink because I have been wrong. Either way it is about growing closer to Christ as we walk daily with him.

Laura Stager is a single mom who is caring for her father who is extremely ill.

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