Lean on Each Other in Troubled Times

Woman in red listening to woman in black

Lean on Each Other in Troubled Times

I was reading a Proverbs 31 devotional this morning and saw something that I had never really focused on before. We have committed to memory and frequently quote the scripture “I can do all this through him [Christ] who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13 NIV).

It is certainly a powerful verse and a source of great encouragement when we are facing difficult circumstances. But why do we usually stop there? Read the next verse!  v.14 “YET IT WAS GOOD OF YOU TO SHARE IN MY TROUBLES.” In this letter that Paul wrote (from prison) to his Christian brothers and sisters in Philippi, he clearly understood who was the source of his strength – Christ. But Paul was also deeply touched and ministered to by the love and kindness of people. Christ doesn’t expect us to be to people what HE IS . . . their strength. But He does expect us to share life with each other, the good and the bad . . . to reflect His character in tangible ways because He made us to need relationship with each other, just as we need relationship with Him.

Sharon Bell, SMORE Board Member

July 24th, 2014

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