Assistance for Single Moms Who Need to Find Their Strengths

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Discover & Live in Your Strengths

Gail Cawley Showalter, Founder

SMORE for Women

Hold these two thoughts in your head at the same time:

  1. Think of a personal strength
  2. Think about your birth order in your family of origin

As you hold these two thoughts consider how your birth order may have influenced your strength and visa versa. Think of particular instances in your life. Acknowledge that you do have strengths that you can use to restore your life to its purposeful place.

As you reflect on your place in your family of origin keep in mind that we can oversimplify birth order theory. In truth many factors influence how our personal strengths develop. Birth order is just one of them.

It is not so much about how you are, as it is about how you behave in your world. This can relate to your birth order.

When you learn to identify your own goodness and strength you bring good things to all around you, your children, your coworkers, and yourself.

Do you believe this?

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.   –Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

I hope you do believe it. Until you accept that you are a unique and precious child of God you will not recognize your strengths and build on them successfully.

You need to become an expert at finding and describing and applying and practicing and refining your strengths. Suspend whatever interest you may have in weakness and instead explore the intricate detail of your strengths. – from  Now Discover Your Strengths.

If you’ve never identified your strengths a personality profile will help.

In Christian circles, we sometimes hesitate to speak confidently about the wisdom of God within, wrongly equating self-doubt with humility. Could it be that Lady Wisdom (Proverbs 31) is inviting us to a new, bold awareness? –Janet Davis, The Feminine Soul

I believe it honors our creator:

  • When we are the best we can possibly be.
  • When we reach and stretch as far as we possibly can.
  • When our lives illustrate the divine.
  • When we have confidence without arrogance.
  • When we show grace and not judgment.
  • When we love the unlovable.
  • When we forgive.

These show strength, real spiritual strength.

 ~ ~ ~

Below is  a “confession” that you can repeat aloud to yourself daily.

 Christian Identity Confession

Dr. James Mahoney


I am an awesome spirit being

Of magnificent worth as a person.

I am deeply loved of God,

I am fully pleasing to God,

I am totally accepted by God,

I am inwardly perfect like God,

As a person, in his sight,

And when my person is expressed

Through my performance,

The outward reflection will be dynamically unique,

For there has never been another like me

In the history of mankind,

Nor will there ever be…

So no one will reflect God quite like me,

I am an original,

One of a kind,

Really somebody,

And so are you, WHEW!

#findyourstrengths #discoveryourstrengths


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