Let the man be–The Man

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Let the man be–

The Man.


Do I act like–

The Lady?

Some of you are too young to remember the Feminine Revolution. Most of us don’t recall being an adult woman without access to birth control pills. Life has changed dramatically for women in the U.S. and in many parts of the world. Many of the changes were needed and benefit women in general. However, in the process of this change we lost something. In an attempt to gain equality in the workplace we lost our all important way of relating to the men in our lives. If you are young you may not sense the loss. Because you do not remember:

  • When mothers were expected to stay home with their children at least until they were school age
  • When men open doors and pulled out chairs for ladies
  • When men certainly didn’t curse in front of ladies
  • When being a lady was considered an honor.

Men lost too. For them it was confusing and without guidelines. They didn’t have bras to burn. What were they to do?

Call me old-fashioned. I am in many ways. I remember after the divorce when my children and I lived with my mother, who was a widow, I would say as I left for work every morning, “You sure do make a good wife.” I felt like I was taking on the world of responsibilities for my family.

A recent study came out that made it crystal clear.

  • They have a strong over-riding concern about how they will provide for their family.
  • They have a great desire to be respected in private, as well as, in public.
  • They wish their wives would make an effort to take care of themselves.
  • They want wife to know how much they love her.

We can change a lot of things. We can’t change that we are men and women.

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