Budgeting Tips for Single Moms from Dave Ramsey

mom with children at table

Career woman. The kids’ taxi driver. Master of the budget. Grocery shopper, chef, and cleaner-upper.

Single moms carry these titles and more day in and day out. Talk about busy schedules filled with meaningful responsibilities!

Over the years, we’ve had a countless number of single moms call and write in with questions and success stories. Check out these tips for making the most of your monthly budget and cutting some stress out of your life! (Even if you’re not single or not a mom, you can still adapt these tips to your family situation — that’s the fun of budgeting!)

  • Check weekly ads before going shopping.

    This can be for food, clothes, vehicle maintenance or anything in between! Checking the ads can help you to save time and money.

  • Use coupons.

    Using coupons is a great way to save money! Using a coupon when the item is on sale gives you an even bigger discount! You can also print free grocery coupons online. Many stores, but not all, now except coupons printed from online.

  • Take advantage of price matching policies.

    Some stores will match the price of competitor ads and coupons. Find out which stores do this by looking at sales ads or asking the manager at the store.

  • Make chores fun for the whole family.

    Financial Peace Jr. is an excellent way for your children to get involved and excited about their chores and the rewards hard work brings! Turn on some music and start spring cleaning room by room with them to make it fun for everyone!

  • Attend Financial Peace University.

    This 13-week course is an excellent place for you to learn even more about eliminating debt and building wealth. You will also be in a place of safety to share your money victories with others on the journey to Financial Peace.

  • Spend time in prayer with your children.

    Money problems often cause stress. Many times your children know when you are stressed and they feel the effects too. Take the time to pray and communicate with them in the mist of your busy schedule. This will bring unity, peace and comfort for both you and your children.

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