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Bridges of Hope Makes for a Future

Bridges of Hope Educational Support Program (an initiative of The Community Coalition) will make it possible for Jackie to complete her degree.

Graduate holding books

1 Way Single Moms Can Be Empowered

Single mothers, on the other hand, need a marketable skill.

How to Return to College and Change Your Life – Tanisha Did

┬áSingle Moms Can Return to College What was your means of income before you returned to college? Before returning to college, I worked for a company in which you could only be promoted if you had a college degree. Can you recall the first trigger or event that caused you to think about returning to […]

What Does Buckner Offer Single Moms? A Place of Hope

Buckner Family Place – Lufkin, Texas Last Friday I had the privilege of visiting a truly inspiring establishment. I went to Lufkin, Texas to learn more about the Buckner Family Place. As stated in their brochure, “Buckner Family Place programs help participants break the cycle of welfare dependence, reduce domestic violence in homes and eliminate […]