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How to be Open Approaching Job Market

The Job Hunt One of the SMORE themes is Job Jump Starts. We realize how difficult it can be for single mothers to enter the job market if they have not been employed outside the home before. And we also realize that we are living in times when it may seem impossible. Having said that […]

We Imagine Having a Dream Job

  We imagine having a dream job. ~ If I were going to my dream job, how would I do my hair? Related post: Our Attitude About Work  Contact Gail

Our attitude about work

   For more on the Single Mom Card Deck go to SMORE for Women Our attitude about work colors our children’s attitudes toward adulthood. ~ What positive statement can I make about my day? Related post: Our Job History Reveals a Lot Contact Gail

Work at Home Opportunities for Single Moms-4 Top Small Business to Start

By Joshua See The number of single moms in the country alone, continue to rise on a daily basis. This is because there are a number of relationships that keep on failing. While this can bring an end to an unhealthy relationship, it is also the start of a lifelong struggle for a single mother. […]