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Dating Again-from a Man’s Perspective

A Man’s Top Ten List on  by Danny Mason used with permission One of the cool things about writing a blog is that sometimes, people write me back.  Now, it’s not cool when they’re mean, which sometimes happens.  But it is cool when someone writes to tell me that what I’ve written has encouraged them […]

Dating do's and dont's

Dating as a Single Mom

Dating Do’s is a SMORE Theme Gail Cawley Showalter Do you feel lonely?  You may think a relationship will solve your problems. Many single moms jump into another relationship before they have analyzed the problems in the previous one. It is natural to want the love and affection of a man. It is also dangerous […]

Dating and Single Moms, Are you attracted to your emotional equal?

Before becoming involved in a relationship take a look at your previous relationships. Are the hard questions that may reveal why you’ve not had a successful relationship and what you can do to have the man you want.

How NOT to Date a Loser! by Georgia Shaffer

Are you tired of the pain and drama associated with dating losers? How Not to Date a Loser will empower you to avoid unhealthy relationships and learn how to build a vibrant romance. Georgia Shaffer will help you: Strengthen your ability to discern when a man or woman is trustworthy. Increase your confidence to assess […]

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A Dating Do for Single Moms

I’ve been asked questions about dating and I’ve always felt inadequate. Dating is a personal experience – so beware of those giving advice. Having given that disclaimer I must share one sincere and serious Dating Do I’m sure of. And that is. . . Take Your Time. Seems simple, doesn’t it? It’s not. So many […]