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Single Moms – Bonding and Boundaries

Mothering Adult Children Motherhood never ends. It goes through stages. Each stage has its joys and its difficulties. Now that my children are grown and married you’d think I could more easily cut the apron strings. My kiddoes are doing quite well on their own as they are raising and starting families. It’s me who misses […]

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Navigating Single Parenting with Your G.P.S.

Navigating Life as Single Mom    No matter how you feel about your life as a single mother you really are not in Wonderland where time has been suspended. You may see only a daze of duties that you trudge through day to day. Time is passing, children are growing and you are merely existing […]

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5 Points on Boundaries for Single Mothers

A summary of points on boundary setting for single moms. Do you ever wonder why some women seem to have their act together and others just can’t quite get there? Do you wonder how some moms manage to maintain a sense of self-assurance that you would like to have but don’t know where to begin? […]

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Set Boundaries and Teach Children Early

Boundaries Keep Us Safe We all have personal space, we know instinctively when it has been breached. Do you respect your self? You are worth it! We live in a world with strange boundaries. We have privacy fences around our back yards. We become “friends” with people we wouldn’t recognize if we met them face-to-face. […]