Grant for Single Mom Returning to College

Graduate holding books

Single Moms Can Go To College

When I returned to college as a single mother with three young children I received a grant that made it much easier. Now I am able to assist single moms in the application process for the same grant.

The grant is one of the programs funded by P.E.O. This particular grant is the Program for Continuing Education or P.C.E. grant. There are a few requirements that must be met before making application. If you live in southeast Texas and meet the following requirements I’d be delighted to talk with you.

  1. Must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen.
  2. Must have been a nonstudent for 24 months prior to re-enrollment in school.
  3. Must be enrolled in college (not a doctoral program) and within 24 months of graduating.
  4. Must be able to show how earning the degree will benefit your income or advancement to a better job.

CLICK For more information about P.E.O.

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