Single Moms, Move Forward

Girl turning page in book


Like ink on paper, your past just seems to stare you in the face.

“I could have”….”I should have”….”If only”….”What if”

They all try to drown out the song of Amazing Grace.

You can’t rewrite your story, but God can for His glory.

He’s the Author and the Finisher; knows the beginning to the end.

“It ain’t over til it’s over.”, so get up and try again.


Just turn the page….Another chapter’s waiting for you.

Turn the page….God has more for you to do.

He made you in His image to be all that He has planned.

When you can’t figure out the next step,

Rest assured, He can!

So dust yourself off.  Take a risk.  Dare to live again.

The best is yet to come, so turn the page.


Sharon Bell

August 26th, 2013©

#overcomingdivorce #divorce

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