Single Mothers Getting Over Divorce

How can you recover from divorce?

Single moms, I encourage you to look at your life and all the circumstances you face in a new way. See More. I encourage you to pray for new insight into your present situation. See More. I encourage you to open doors that were previously closed and See More.

Let this poem be a part of your recovery.  – Gail

Child looking out into Gulf

Child Seeing More

See More

by Laurie Harris

The artistry of waves and water cannot always be shown through paintings, photographs, films or words written by a gifted writer.  The true appreciation comes through observation.  If you wait…and watch…you can be mesmerized by the motion of the sea in action, with its gentle fluidity and terrifying but fascinating churning of waves during a storm.  There is so much more to see than just the emerald blues and greens of the water and the white sands along the Florida coast.  There are the deep, rich colors of jade, when waves are raging ferociously from the wind and rain.  There is the mixture of sand and water as waves chase one another to the shore.  There is the changing shoreline, with its ever-reaching arm of the sea turning, and sifting and swirling the sand into another fascination for the eyes.  Open your eyes to the view before you…see more.  See more whether it is on a beach or in a forest or on a mountaintop…or even your own backyard.  God has placed before you a feast of observations within His creation. It is another way for you to praise Him.  It is another way for Him to bless you.

Some may find it odd that I can speak about such beauty on the Gulf when a tragedy is before us in its waters.  It actually felt a bit odd to me too after I wrote the words above.  I have recently found myself caught between the great sadness and anger that comes in knowing about the tragedy of the Gulf oil spill and the evidence of it being here on the beaches and the joy I receive in finding a seaside treasure or the blessed wonderment I feel while walking along the shore.  What does it mean to feel this type of predicament?  Do I stifle my sadness and awareness to make the best of my time on the beach?  Or do I stifle my joy and only feel great sadness and depression that results in being in an unhealthy state of mind and inactivity?  I find myself impressed with the thought, “See more.”  Look to God in all tragedies. There will always be tragedies and there will always be loss and hurt and pain, but there will also always be God and his love and beauty, and overcoming power.

Laurie Harris headshot

Laurie Harris

As a teacher, I feel most rewarded when I can make a difference in students’ lives and kindle a desire to learn.  I love experiencing new things and find that it inspires me to be creative and share with others.  One of my main passions is photography, but I sometimes express my feelings through poetry or prose, sharing what God is doing in my life as He teaches me along the way.  I feel honored and grateful when God can use my creativity for His glory because my goal is to “do all to the glory of God.”                I Corinthians 10:31


  1. Amen, and Amen. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard F Carpenter · · Reply

    Never underestimate GOD’s ability to bring something beautiful out of what we see as loss, hurt or disaster…… In the light of GOD’s Grace and HIS plan for our eternity with HIM as HIS adopted children…… Hang on, trust in HIM, forgive quickly (especially yourself) and be patient….. He will finish the Good Work HE has started in Each Of Us!
    Richard Carpenter
    Chaplain, Harris County Jail

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