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Manners Are Not Old Fashioned-Manners Matter Even Today

Manners Matter is one of the SMORE  Related posts: Teaching Manners, Top 10 Manners, Teaching Kids Manners in Mannerless World Unfortunately so few families eat at the table anymore. The research is out that shows that families that eat meals together at the table have several positive results, like children who don’t drop out, kids […]

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Common Courtesy Isn’t Common Anymore. Can your children pass the test?

Gail Cawley Showalter “Mind your manners!” used to be a common phrase you would hear from parents. Lately this Tough Old Bird hears other things and sees a lack of common courtesy. See previous post: Teaching Manners in a Mannerless World Teens back-talking parents and parents acting as if this is the norm. Sarcasm on every popular […]