We are an alliance of women whose goal is
Single Moms :: Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, and Empowered!

If you are a single mother this video is for you.

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I receive calls and emails from mothers across the globe asking me what they can do to start something for single moms in their churches. After you view this video I suggest you look through all the pages on this blog as well as our web site. Then give me a call. You will find the contact information on the site.

For a FREE download that may be helpful to single mothers who want to start a ministry for other single mothers go to

Creating a Path for Single Moms in Your Church

  • We hosted the Single & Parenting series for single moms in the southeast Texas area in spring of 2012.
  • Gail and Mary Simon facilitate a class for single moms on Sundays that focuses on restoration 
  • SMORE hosts an annual retreat or conference in early November
  • SMORE designed and hosts DAYs of Blessing for single moms
 If you want to be involved in our work please contact us.
We would be glad to visit with you.
Though I am happily remarried my empathy for single parents remains strong. I am a speaker, published author, parent to three, step-parent to three more and grandmother to fifteen. My life is full and blessed. Yet, I recall the heartache and disappointments of earlier years. As a result I’ve designed a program that encourages and inspires single mothers.
Faith Statement
We choose to demonstrate Christ rather than preach. We are moderate, relaxed, and open in how we deal with single moms, but we take Christianity and Christian spirituality seriously. We rely on the Bible, but are not dogmatic. We are interested in interfaith dialog and will not pressure our neighbors. Our primary form of witness is by our lives, but we do not hide the fact that we are Christians.
Gail Cawley Showalter, Founder

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