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Photo graphic by Laurie for Ch 8

Common Courtesy Isn’t Common Anymore

What Happened to Common Courtesy? Chapter 8 – “Learning to Value Morality” Living Learning Loving by Gail Cawley Showalter #GShowalter_livinglearningloving Gail raised three children as a single mother before she remarried. She has experienced the potholes, pests, and perils of being the single head-of-household. As an educator in regular and special education for twenty years […]

Teenage girl rolling eyes with shoulder turned away from angry mother in background

Common Courtesy Isn’t Common Anymore. Can your children pass the test?

Gail Cawley Showalter “Mind your manners!” used to be a common phrase you would hear from parents. Lately this Tough Old Bird hears other things and sees a lack of common courtesy. See previous post: Teaching Manners in a Mannerless World Teens back-talking parents and parents acting as if this is the norm. Sarcasm on every popular […]

Manners are good

For more on the Single Mom Card Deck go to SMORE for Women Say, “Thank you!” It is good manners and manners matter. ~ Did I begin my day with, “Thank you, Lord”? Contact Gail

Single Moms:Being nice isn’t always easy

For more on the Single Mom Card Deck go to SMORE for Women Being nice isn’t always easy, but always better than the alternative. ~ Do my children’s vocabularies include “Excuse me,” “I’m sorry,” and “Thank you”? Yesterday we watched a patriotic ceremony at Disney World as they took the American flag down. When they played […]