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How to Help a Single Mom Go to College

I’m selling plants in all sorts of pots-some new, some hand-painted, others well-just unique.

Gail’s Greenhouse for the Education Support Program

I’ve been painting pots and collecting other interesting containers for plants. Then I sell them on Facebook Marketplace to other plant lovers in my area of southeast Texas.

Bridges of Hope Makes for a Future

Bridges of Hope Educational Support Program (an initiative of The Community Coalition) will make it possible for Jackie to complete her degree.

African American girl day dreaming

Catch Our Vision for Single Moms in Southeast Texas

One thing I know for sure is that education makes a significant difference for women who are the single-head-of-a-household.

Graduate holding books

My Dream for Single Moms

The ESP is a way to provide a support system for women who do not have the resources or family support for them to go to college while raising children alone.

How You Can Help a Single Mom

Single moms in Southeast Texas are eager to earn an education and contribute to our community.