Parenting a Child Not Like You

personality predicaments and the four colors in puzzle pieces

Parenting Your Child

“Becoming the Parent Your Child Needs” is a course for parents who are raising a child that behaves so differently from them they don’t know how to relate to the child.

This will be a six session course and it is free to all that choose to follow this blog. If you are not already a “Follower” of this blog please fill in the “Email Subscription” in the upper right column on the HOME PAGE. I hope you will share it with your friends. I’m told I could make lots of money by putting this course online. I’d rather share it with parents who need it.

Parents and their children do not necessarily have the same personalities. Our inborn natures makes us each unique and yet similar. Hippocrates was the first to identify four different types of personalities. He thought they were related to bodily fluids. He called them choleric, melancholy, sanguine and phlegmatic. Each one was associated with a particular type of person. I will combine those terms with more modern wording.

You may have completed a personality profile in the past. There are several personality profiles being used, some use colors, animals and cute titles. Employers have their employees complete elaborate profiles. What we will do during this course is not complicated and is still highly valid.

Personalities are the root of many a relationship conflict. If you find yourself repeatedly saying things like, “I don’t understand you!” to your child you may be having a personality conflict. Or maybe you simply can’t relate or bond with your child. This, too, can be a sign that you have opposing personalities.

I want to help. This course, “Become the Parent Your Child Needs, Understanding Personalities to Have Harmony in Your Home,” is not about you changing who you are. It is about getting in touch with the inborn nature of each person in the family and then better interacting with them.

I hope you will follow along as we take an unusual journey into our inborn natures.


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