Today is Higher Education Day

Single Moms Need Higher Education

If you didn’t know it you might think that I think everyone needs a college degree. And you would be wrong. I do not think that. My husband and I together have six grown children and there is almost no higher education among them. They are doing very well.

However, I do think that higher education makes a huge difference for the single mother. It gives her an advantage in the workplace. That is why SMORE for Women is committed to making it possible for single moms to complete a degree that will give her every chance for a good life.

Every degree does do that. When I was in college I was studying theater and art. Neither were very promising for a solid income in the future. I remember as if it were yesterday when my dad said, “What are you planning to do with this degree you are getting?” My reply was feeble at best. To which he said very firmly, “As long as I’m paying for your tuition, you will get a teaching certificate.” And I did. When I found myself divorced with three very young children, I managed to get a teaching job. Father often knows best.

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