Why Choices are Important

Life is Filled with Choices
Radio Spot as aired on KLBT 88.1 Beaumont, Texas

We begin making choices from a very young age. We learn that we have to live with those choices whether it’s which breakfast cereal we want or whether to obey our parents. As time goes on our choices make a greater difference, especially those that cannot be undone.

If you are trying to make a decision you might consider sites like THIS ONE or THIS ONE. In the long run we all make choices not knowing the future.

I think, and this is just me, that we have a still small voice that guides us if we listen. It may be faint but it is there trying to get our attention and will help us make the right choices-choices that are best for us.

Life is the best teacher. And hindsight is 20/20. So past choices will help us make better future choices.

Gail recording at KLBT 88.1 studio
Gail Cawley Showalter

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