Life Coach for Women

Kay Miller & Gail


“I met Gail at a pivotal time in my life. I was a newly divorced single mom of 2 boys and when I heard her speak at a ladies conference, I identified with her immediately. We began a friendship that has turned out to be one of the most significant relationships in my life. Gail has a natural ability to set someone at ease, even if they are in the midst of what they feel is their greatest failure or weakest moment. Gail’s training, life experience, life skills and nurturing wisdom make her such a great life coach. She finds common ground with women so easily, and though at times she is firm with her advice, 9 times out of 10 she was absolutely correct in her suggestion or idea. Gail helped me acknowledge my masking of personalities due to being abused in my formative years. She challenged me to be the best mom of 2 I could be. If you decide to take steps to building a better you, partner with Gail. Her style of coaching isn’t judgemental in the least. She helps find the positives in you, and then together you can focus on those good gifts and talents and build you a better future, regardless of where your past took you.”

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Headshot of Gail Cawley Showalter
Gail Cawley Showalter

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