Honoring a Single Mother

Jackie Guillory

Jackie Graduates

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

Jackie Guillory, a Port Arthur native, deserved a chance. She is a mother of five and grandmother of five. She began taking care of others at the age of twelve when her mother died. Against the odds she managed to get half way through a college degree from Lamar University. She had to stop attending when she didn’t have the funds for tuition and books. SMORE for Women has made it possible for Jackie to complete her degree.

When I met with Jackie I was amazed and impressed with her sacrificial attitude and her humility.

She has managed to earn several hours towards a degree in Social Work but had to stop in 2010 due to lack of funds to cover the expenses.  She is a 55 year-old single mother of five and grandmother of five. Three dependents are still at home. She relates to those who need a social worker.

She has always put others before herself. She is a mature woman who knows her own mind and is ready to move forward.

Her journey has not been an easy one. During her time as a student at Lamar she had an ankle injury that required a scooter to get around campus. She had to have emergency dental surgery. And she faced personal struggles as the single-head-of-household for her family.

 Jackie is graduating with a degree in Social Work and has earned the distinction of being inducted into the Social Work Honor Society.  Jackie is completing her degree in Social Work so that she can give to her community, our community.  And the people of southeast Texas will benefit from her contribution.

Jackie with Dr. Gum-melt

Dr. Gummelt says, “We love Jackie and are so very proud of her accomplishments! She has great things ahead! It has been an honor to work with her.” Dr Gummelt, PhD, LCSW is the Lamar University Social Work Program Director.

SMORE for Women, a nonprofit, has established a program that supports a single mother for two years as long as she meets certain requirements. As Jackie says, “Your support of the heart will continue to beat in all of those you support.” Other programs like this have proven successful and we look forward to the long-term “interests” our investment will pay.

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