Become the Parent-That Creates Harmony

personality predicaments and the four colors in puzzle pieces
Final Session

Personalities for Harmony in Your Home

You may not have grown up in a home with harmony. It takes effort. We are finishing this course with goals. SMART goals. To set SMART goals they must be S-specific, M-measureable, A-achieveable, R-relevant, and T-time bound. Don’t say I will make an effort to make things better. That isn’t specific or measurable. For example say “I will have a calm, reasonable conversation about the importance of being prompt with (name your child) this week.” this is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. Below are some examples.

Goal examples of interacting with each personality:


Listen to what is on her/his mind. Interact with attention. Let him/her know you care about what is happening in her/his life. Ask how he or she would feel if people came late for her play or his game, etc. Let the child come to understand why we do our best to be on time.



Let this child know that you notice all that he/she does. Compliment all the effort she/he has made to accomplish goals. And ask if he/she realizes how important it is to be on time even though she/he might have to stop what he/she is doing to make the time for the event. Point out how much work others have put into whatever it is she/he is going to.


This child is most likely always on time unless he/she is absorbed in a project that is of utmost importance to him/her. Then he/she might lose track of time. In this case acknowledge and compliment this child on their achievements. Then explain the need to acknowledge the achievements of others by showing up on time for them.


Let this child know that you respect them. Do not raise your voice. Simply say we must start sooner when going to a specific event in order to be there on time. Explain that this means and spell out the steps of preparation, such as, stopping a video game, bathing and changing clothes. Make this a one-on-one topic specific conversation so there will be no misunderstanding. Do not repeat yourself. Stay clam and methodical during this process. Do not exhibit anger or agitation.

Homework: I realize you may have some questions. Feel free to email me with any questions and/or comments.

Gail in purple speaking with hand gestures
Gail Cawley Showalter

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