Become the Parent – Your Child’s Personality

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Session Three

Childhood Personality Traits

This is the session you have probably been waiting for, the one that you want to answer why your child behaves as he/she does. Yes, in this session we will look at the inborn nature of your child. As we do this do not let the results of your own personality profile be far from your memory. You also need to be aware that we all have a primary personality and a secondary personality.

Remember that your child is, just that, a child. They have not lived as long as you have nor have they had your life experiences. Depending on the age of your child you need to be fully aware of the limitations of childhood on their way of viewing the world around them.

Let’s do a quick review of basic personality types to help you identify your child’s temperament (personality).

A child with the
* Popular Sanguine personality can be funny, mischievous, like to explore, and usually really tends toward creativity.
*Powerful Choleric personality can tell other children what to do, plays well alone, lets you know what they want quickly and like to lead or be in charge.
* Perfect Melancholy personality can dislike getting dirty, may focus on one toy for a long time, puts self on a schedule, and usually follows the rules.
* Peaceful Phlegmatic personality can play well with other children, shows affection, lets others lead, and usually moves slowly.

Your Child’s Needs

Each of the personalities has particular needs. As a parent you can learn what your child’s personality type needs and provide it for them. A need as we are looking at it here is a serious need. The needs I will mention aren’t simple wants or desires. These needs are motivators that drive the person even the child.

The needs of:

  • Popular Sanguine – is for attention and approval
  • Powerful Choleric – is to have control and to receive credit for work
  • Perfect Melancholy – is to have support and for others to be sensitive towards them
  • Peaceful Phlegmatic – is peace and quiet and to receive respect

    Each of us also control our world in different ways.
  • Popular Sanguine – controls using charm or by being funny
  • Powerful Choleric – controls with anger or threats of anger
  • Perfect Melancholy – controls with moods like pouting
  • Peaceful Phlegmatic – controls with procrastination

1. Write out your personality traits and how you interact with your child using your traits.
2. Then write out how your child interacts with you using their traits.

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Gail Cawley Showalter

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