Contradictions of Christmas

I’m conflicted about Christmas.

This isn’t new. It’s crept up on me for years.

I do love the decorations, the sparkling lights, trees, and Santa’s. I really like the cookies, the candles, and candy canes. I love the music of the season, too.

The seasonal parties are heartwarming. Children’s anticipations and squeals are delightful.

So where is my conflict?

I grew up in a simpler time. Christmas, I was taught, is a religious holiday. It’s the celebration of Christ’s birth.

So then, how can I reconcile the angels’ night announcement of baby Christ with vicious shoppers who spend a night in line the night before the store opens to get the limited ‘must have’ items from Santa this year?

How can I reconcile the humble beginnings of Christian faith with the materialistic steamroller of Christmas marketing?

How can I reconcile the message of the Gift of the Christ Child with all the ads and the pressure to purchase the perfect presents?

I guess there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the decorations, the sparkling lights, trees, and Santa’s, or the cookies, the candles, and candy canes.

I will view it all, however, through a filter, while keeping my eyes on the first gift—the One that can make all things new.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    The Christmas memories with my family, candle light service, putting up the Christmas tree with ornaments cherished for years, remembering that those around me might be less fortunate than me, are all reason to both celebrate the season of Christs’ birth month but also to spread the good fortune afforded me because HE celebrates with me not just at Christmas, but in my heart. That is the true gift.

  2. Ruby Bertrand · · Reply

    Thanks Gail and Carol for the special Christmas party on Dec. 20. It really encouraged and rejuvenated me this Christmas season. God bless you.

  3. Good for you. It is hard to keep the first thing the first thing in the hussle of the holiday. But we must always remind each other that if it were not for the gift of Christ and the atonement made by Him for my sin, there would be no reason to celebrate.

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