Keeping the Bad Guys Away


Keep the Bad Guys Away

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Many girls and women seem to be programmed to attract the bad guys, the wrong guys. By wrong guys I mean men who aren’t good for them. They know the situation isn’t good, but they keep trying to make it work.

Love should never hurt. Love brings out the best in us. So why is it that women keep finding themselves with the toads, the bad guys?
My opinion – we are optimists. We think this one will be different. We think his one will change or worse-I can change this one .

Ladies! Pay Attention!

You can not change another person.

  • Be wise-learn from your mistakes.
  • Do a complete autopsy on your previous relationship/s.
  • Push back and away from the ones who hurt you.
  • Don’t rush it.
  • Pay close attention to how he treats your children.
  • Does he keep his word?
  • How does he respond when you say no – about anything?
  • Do you agree on the important issues: religion and money?
  • Does he try to change you?

I may be a tough old bird, but my greatest desire for you is that you be a:

Mom, who is
Rejuvenated, &

Gail in purple speaking with hand gesturesGail raised three children as a single mother before she remarried. She has experienced the potholes, pests, and perils of being the single head-of-household. As an educator in regular and special education for twenty years she knows a great deal about child development and how to handle kids. She is the founder of SMORE for Women, a nonprofit whose goal is Single Moms, Overjoyed, Rejuvenated, and Empowered. She is a Certified Professional Coach and her stories have been published in several Christian books and magazines. Her book, Living Learning Loving is available on CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble online.


  1. Patricia Brandt · · Reply

    Hi Gail, I finally ‘learned’ Facebook while off work recovering from an injury. I started a page for my single mom’s group. Can you tell me how I can ‘share’ some of the posts that you send by email? You have so much wisdom to share. I do plan on ordering one of your books to see if it would be a good fit for a group of moms who are not yet Christians. I’m looking for a ‘seeker friendly’ book for our first formal book group. Patti Brandt Jacob’s Well for Single Moms Wellington, CO

    1. Patti,
      It is so good to hear from you. I hope the injury was not serious and that you are all healed up. I would be delighted to have you share the posts. You receive them in an email because you are a “Follower.” You can click the FB icon after the post. You should also see each post on our SMORE Facebook page which is If you don’t find it, please do let me know. Once you see a post on FB you can share with others. You click the “share” button after the post and you will get a box that allows you to share the post on your FB Timeline.
      I hope this makes sense. If not, please let me know.
      I will gladly send you a book if you will promise to write an Amazon review. TeeHee
      I do hope you can use the book with a group. It isn’t too preachy.
      I have an address for you, but just to be safe please send it to me in an email or private message.

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